Commenting Guidelines

Commenting Guidelines.The blue link has a PDF document which we have been looking at. Lately in class we have been learning about making comments on other people’s blog. The image inserted has examples of imaginary comments on other people’s blogs. I have listed the comments from least helpful to most helpful.

  1. I find number 6 the least helpful because it does not really specify anything or comments on anything and it’s also very random. Number 6 also does not sign off.
  2. Number 1 is the second least helpful. I think this because the way they used language is wrong and they used slang. They used an abundant amount of exclamation marks.
  3. Number 4 the third most least helpful because it again uses slang and it does not have the correct spelling.
  4. Number 7 is also not very helpful as it does not contain any reason why they like that person’s post and it does not sign off.
  5. Number 8 seems quite helpful as you can interpret what they are saying but it almost gives off an angry vibe.
  6. The next one is number 2. It almost seems as if the person who wrote this is very curious but it is not very polite to just seem as if they are blabbing out questions.
  7. It was hard to see which one was more helpful between 3 and 4 but I think the 2nd most helpful is number 3. It gives a nice briefing of why they like that person’s post and a question to associate it.
  8. Number 4 was excellent as it gave a great explanation of why they like at and what they think that person can do to make it even better or collaborate with that person.

China-Country of Focus


  1. Above is China’s flag. The flag is a red field with five golden stars. The red represents China’s communist revolution whereas the five stars are interpreted as a unification of the country’s people.
  2. China is in the east of Asia.
  3. China’s capital city is Beijing which has a population of 21.54 million. That’s almost the population of Australia!
  4. China is part of the northern and eastern hemispheres.
  5. The population of China is 1.398 billion and has the highest population.
  6. The main language spoken in China is Mandarin also called β€œPutonguah”. 70% of the population speak Mandarin but other languages are also spoken such as Cantonese and Hunanese.
  7. The currency in China is yuan and renminbi. There is no difference between the two. It comes in notes such as 1, 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 yuan/renminbi. 1 Australian dollar equals 4.98 yuan/renminbi.
  8. China is also
  9. China is the 3rd largest country by area.
  10. China is bordered by 14 countries. They are Afghanistan, Bhutan, India, Kazakhstan, North Korea, Kyrgyzstan, Laos, Mongolia, Myanmar (Burma), Nepal, Pakistan, Russia, Tajikistan and Vietnam.

About Me!

Hi, my name is Annika but my nickname is AG15. Some things about me is that I am 11 years old. I like to play music and I like anime and my favourite colour is purple (I like dark purple the best)! My favourite food is macarons! My favourite animal is red pandas because they are so cute but I like most animals except for spiders. Something I’m looking forward to is learning about other people around the world.Β 

The Wonderful Snow!

Β  Β  Snowflakes gently dropped onto the palm of my hand. I gazed up at the cloudy sky in awe and amazement. In a matter of time, I was dancing and embracing the wonderful cold weather. It had been snowing last night so this morning I decided to use the most of this glorious weather. However, I did not contain the required items to be able to play in the snow. Nevertheless, this did not hold me back from being out in the snow.

Β  Β Later, I collapsed onto the soft snow and squinted my eyes. I could see a snowstorm approaching! At once,Β  I leapt up and headed towards my cabin. I slammed the door shut a let out a relieved sigh. I glared out of the crystal clear window and noticed the snowstorm was approaching at a tremendous rate. I slumped down in my chair and sipped a nice warm cup of hot chocolate. Slowly I fell asleep.

Β After some time, I jumped out of my chair to see the snowstorm had concluded. Consequently, I raced outside of my cabin and was overwhelmed with joy and happiness. So much snow had fallen and it would be fabulous to play in!