Online Learning Reflection

Something I want to stick to me is staying focused and finishing my work quickly whilst doing online learning.

Something that rocks is that our teachers are dedicated and still had teaching material ready when we were at home.

Something I want to leaf behind is the bad internet connection! My internet was quite bad and so I struggled sometimes and my laptop would go black sometimes. I really want to leaf that behind!Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  The spelling for leaf is on purpose. There’s my leaf, stick and rock! Thanks for reading!

Day 2 – Online Learning!

Ayo! Annika here (who else??)

Today is my 2nd day of online learning! My first day was really good and I am so grateful that my teachers come up with fun and educative tasks! Today my day started with English, in English we had to write a short narrative under 30 minutes with a picture prompt. I chose a picture of an old dilapidated bridge. My story was about a person who got lost in the woods whilst on a school camp and has to cross an almost broken bridge to maybe get back to her campsite. In the end she does get back and is very happy with the outcome. After English we had Maths. Maths is one of my favourite subjects! When I’m older I want to be an Actuarial. An Actuarial is someone who does Maths. Anyways, in Maths we learnt about the Mean,Median and Mode. After that was recess. Then we had HASS. We are learning about the Australian Government. We also played a really fun game in Digital Technology. Later today we have P.E. I wonder how that’s gonna be! It’s really different doing online learning and I hope if your doing online learning your doing alright! I hope you have a wonderful day! Thanks for reading!



Online Learning Journal – Day 1

Online Learning Journal – Day 1



Hello fellow bloggers!

Today was my first day of online schooling (not including last year). Today we were meant to have a whole school assembly but because every time someone joined the online meeting there’d be a constant beeping noise, we had to postpone the assembly. There were also technical difficulties.

My first two lessons were science but before we started our teacher had a call with all of us. I was able to see all my peers after the school holidays. We talked about what we did in the holidays!

Our teacher set us a science task and the instructions were on a digital platform that we were able to access.

Then it was recess. Recess was lonely because it was just me and my two doggos! My dogs are called Timmy and Chewie. Timmy from Famous Five and Chewbacca from Star Wars!

Then we had Digital Technology which is how I’m writing this. Later on, today I have French, Drama and English. We were meant to be doing our drama play today but now we can’t because of the lockdown.

I’m grateful that Adelaide doesn’t have too many cases and that our Premier has places down lockdown early so that there isn’t a large outbreak! I hope you enjoy your day and that if you are in lockdown you stay safe and enjoy a nice lockdown.

I feel as if people sometimes get angry over lockdown because they can’t go anywhere but sometimes people don’t go out to restaurants, bars, art galleries and more.

It’s just when the choice to go out is taken away from people they get upset. I hope you enjoyed reading my day 1 Online Learning Journal! Stay safe and have a nice day! ^^



School Life

In my school we start at 8:30. The school gates open at 8:00 and you are allowed into the classroom at 8:10. I normally arrive at school at 8:30 or I just get there in time. During 8:00 to 8:30 we normally play around the school yard or stay in the classroom and chat. On everyday except for Friday we have form, which is from 8:30 to 9:00. We normally do typing practice or write in our gratitude journals. Then our classes start. We have two lessons each with the duration of 45 minutes. Then recess starts at 10:30. It’s 20 minutes long and ends at 10:50. My friends and I normally sit, eat and chat. Then we have 3 lessons each 45 minutes. Lunch starts at 1:05. It ends at 1:55. The last part of the day are two lessons again each lesson is 45 minutes. The day ends at 3:15. We used to end at 3:25 but ever since covid we have ended at 3:15. Normally at lunch I either have choir or debating. I have two free lunch times and normally I play chasey. Chasey is so much fun! We spread across the whole school and os many girls participate! I love and I kinda wish it was like a sport! On Fridays the timetables change. There is no form in the morning and there are three lessons instead of two. Recess is at 10:45 but it is the same length as normal recess. The next part of the day is normal except form is moved to 12:35 to 1:05. Lunch is still the same and the rest of the day is the same. What’s school like where you are? Have a nice day! ^u^


UwU ^^

Music Quiz!

Annika here, I love music from different ranges such as K-pop, J-pop, classical and more! I play two instruments which are viola and piano. I have made a quick music quiz, hope you enjoy it!

You can copy and past the link


Commenting Guidelines

Commenting Guidelines.The blue link has a PDF document which we have been looking at. Lately in class we have been learning about making comments on other people’s blog. The image inserted has examples of imaginary comments on other people’s blogs. I have listed the comments from least helpful to most helpful.

  1. I find number 6 the least helpful because it does not really specify anything or comments on anything and it’s also very random. Number 6 also does not sign off.
  2. Number 1 is the second least helpful. I think this because the way they used language is wrong and they used slang. They used an abundant amount of exclamation marks.
  3. Number 4 the third most least helpful because it again uses slang and it does not have the correct spelling.
  4. Number 7 is also not very helpful as it does not contain any reason why they like that person’s post and it does not sign off.
  5. Number 8 seems quite helpful as you can interpret what they are saying but it almost gives off an angry vibe.
  6. The next one is number 2. It almost seems as if the person who wrote this is very curious but it is not very polite to just seem as if they are blabbing out questions.
  7. It was hard to see which one was more helpful between 3 and 4 but I think the 2nd most helpful is number 3. It gives a nice briefing of why they like that person’s post and a question to associate it.
  8. Number 4 was excellent as it gave a great explanation of why they like at and what they think that person can do to make it even better or collaborate with that person.